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The Importance of Looking After your Gutters

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This time of year can be a right pain when it comes to your gutters. All the leaves clogged up from Autumn plus all the rain from the winter months equals absolute havoc. Blocked and broken gutters can cause so many problems for you and your property. See below a list of what can happen when you don't get your gutters checked regularly:


Damp: This causes problems to your property and the health of whoever is living there. Damp is usually caused by a leakage from the gutters onto the side of your home. Not only is it dangerous for health reasons, it also doesn't look great.


Damage to your property: The guttering around your house protects the roof, the walls it surrounds and the whole foundations of the property. If the water is not being directed away from your house then it will just seep down the side of it, causing issues with the walls and the foundations of your property. This could be caused by your gutters being too clogged up with debris that it is overflowing, or it could be that they have come away from the wall. Either way, if this happens it could lead to expensive repairs.


Pests: No one wants to come out of their house to be greeted by annoying insects caused by your overflowing gutters. Birds and insects can be lured to your gutters because of build up of leaves and therefore building their nests there which can cause further complications later on.


Clearly, leaving your gutters out of sight out of mind can cause terrible and expensive repercussions that nobody wants. So leave it to us to clean out your gutters, to fix them or to replace them so you don't get your hands dirty. Gutter cleans should be scheduled for every Spring and Autumn each year to ensure that you do not get these sort of problems.


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